Your Local Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, and Financial Reporting Office for Businesses in Brockport | Greece | Henrietta


“WE are great at what WE do so YOU can be great at what YOU do.”

The Finances of Your Business Are Vital to Its Success.

As a small business ourselves we understand exactly what you want and need from an accounting firm.  You need a firm that is flexible and trustworthy, dedicated and honest.  A firm that will make your life easier, your business run smoother.

When faced with the day to day commitments of running your business, the numerous obligations to federal and state agencies can be overwhelming.   We do all of the things that make owning a small business tough, so you are free to focus on business. We specialize in creating a customized accounting management system for Self-Employed, Corporations, LLC’s and Non-Profit businesses in Brockport, Greece and Henrietta New York.

Each Month or quarter we’ll do the following for you:

  • Reconcile your Bank Account
  • Generate an Income Statement
  • Generate a Balance Sheet
  • Maintain and clean your General Ledger

Performance of these tasks will form a solid foundation for your small business accounting system which ensures a properly computed profit / loss statement. A solid profit / loss statement will generate an accurate filing of one of the following business tax returns:

  • Form Schedule C, for basic Self-Employed dba’s
  • Form 1120-C / 1120-S for Corporation tax filing
  • Form 1165 for LLP’s or LLC’s
  • Form 990 for Non-Profit Corporations

We offer many other services in addition to Individual / Business Tax Preparation and Business Accounting:

  • Quarterly filing of sales tax
  • Payroll Services
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Analysis & Business Consulting
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop Installation or QuickBooks Cloud
  • QuickBooks training and file maintenance

Why Use QuickBooks?

Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow

Everything is better when your bottom line is happy and healthy. Planning ahead to avoid a cash crisis will keep that bottom line plump and secure. We will help you develop a cash flow projection that will identify short vs. long term capital needs.  It will identify when and where those needs will exist plus the best sources to meet those needs.

Want to Handle the Day-To-Day Tasks Yourself ?

We can install, train and assist with Standard or Custom Quickbooks.

Software programs like QuickBooks are perfect for the small business owners. They are able to manage their daily operations, do their bookkeeping and control their cash flow using QuickBooks while enabling them to work with an accounting and tax firm in an advisory capacity.  Files can then be transmitted to Upstate Tax for review and tax preparation.

Each business is as dynamic and unique as its owner and employees.  Upstate Tax Services tailors its services to meet your specific needs.