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Upstate Tax Services – Taking the Confusion Out of Filing.

Today’s tax laws have become complex; filing a simple return can be a daunting task.  Sure, you can purchase a new software program each year and file on your own.  However, there is no substitute for the knowledge of an experienced tax professional.  Upstate Tax will take the confusion out of filing your taxes with clear, concise explanations and service.

Life is all about change.

Numerous changes can occur during the course of a year that will have a direct effect on how you file.

  • Did you or your spouse go to college?
  • Did you purchase a home?
  • Did you get Married?
  • Did you get Divorced?
  • Did you have a Baby?
  • Did a dependent go to college?
  • Did you sell a home?
  • Roll over a 401k?
  • Receive a settlement or inheritance?

We make certain you receive the credits due – and pay only what you need to.

Credits and deductions are missed each year by taxpayers who are unaware of what is available to them such as:

  • Educator Expense – up to $250 – $500 if Married Filing Jointly and both are educators
  • Your work-related educational expenses for education that maintains or improves your job skills OR is required by your employer or by law to keep your salary, status or job.
  • College Tuition Credits
  • Health and Medical Savings Account
  • Mileage driven for charity
  • Mileage driven for medical or moving expenses
  • Saver’s Credit – tax credit for retirement savings contribution for those who meet the income & filing limits
  • Residential Energy Credits for Qualified Solar , Wind, Geothermal or Fuel Cell property costs
  • Residential Energy Efficient Improvements such as windows, exterior doors, roof, hot water heater or furnace


Know Your Rights As A Taxpayer !

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Planning Ahead – Estates, trusts and gifts.

We want to work with you AND your future generations.  Upstate Tax will review your financial plan for future tax liability.  Strategic Tax Planning allows all elements of your financial plan to work cohesively together, minimizing your tax liability.